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A B&B is not a hotel and it is also NOT a restaurant. We think that’s a very good thing. At a luxury bed and breakfast, we pride ourselves on providing a delicious start to your day. Every B&B is different in how they approach breakfast so don’t be afraid to ask your innkeeper what they provide. We provide a full meal rather than a continental breakfast. We serve buffet style where you come down during a certain time range and help yourself. . We have several small tables that feel more restaurant style and provide you with privacy at breakfast. Magic happens when people of all different ages come from all over the country with all different backgrounds and they sit down at the breakfast and it just comes alive with conversation and laughter. Watching the breakfast tables is definitely one of our favorite part of being innkeepers as we love to cook!
“But what if I have plans and can’t eat at the buffet time?” Check with your innkeeper about what they are able to provide. Some may be willing to provide you with an earlier continental breakfast or may be able to give you coffee and a muffin “to go”. You will most certainly see on the website when breakfast is served so you can plan accordingly. As a point of etiquette, please do tell your innkeeper as far in advance as possible if you will not be joining them for breakfast. They plan their meals well in advance, shopping for what they need for a certain number of people and may even start preparing your meal the day before.
What about the food? What can you expect, if it’s not a restaurant? You can almost always count on a wonderful breakfast. That’s what we’re known for! Some B&Bs do give you a choice of breakfast entrée, but most are not equipped to cook individual meals for each guest. We try to vary our menus to appeal to most people, but communication is the key! On most websites, when you make your reservation they will ask you if you have any food allergies or special needs. This is very important information for the innkeeper to have when planning the week’s menus! Most inns are glad to prepare food that complies with special diets. Don’t be afraid to put down things you just don’t care for either. You don’t have to have a medical condition for your innkeeper to prepare a breakfast you will be able to enjoy! We are here to give you a memorable experience and will be more than glad to plan our menus around your likes and dislikes. Again, planning is the key and it can be tricky planning a menu around multiple food allergies or preferences, so please let us know as early as possible if you have a special food preference or need. The night before is probably not going to be early enough for your innkeeper to accommodate your special diet.



1.   Q:  What isThe Cottage House?  
      A:  We are a very large B&B.  We have a much different feel than just staying at a hotel.  We have most of the same in-room amenities as a hotel.  


2.  Q:  Will I feel like I am staying in someone's home?
     A: To whatever point you would like to feel like a guest in our home.  We strive to lend a comfortable, personal touch & feel to your room and experience, but respect your privacy.


3.  Q:  Are children allowed?
     A:  Yes. As as long as they are well supervised. Children under the age of fourteen may not stay in a room without an adult present at all times.  In some rooms children are not allowed at all.  Please understand that during the week some of our guests are here on business, and on the weekends some of our guests are here for a relaxing weekend get away.


4.  Q:  Are the rooms cleaned daily?
     A:  Only at your request. Dawn will tidy your room, or have a housekeeping staff member lightly clean your room or replace your towels.


5.  Q:  Should we leave a tip for the housekeeping staff at the end of our stay?
     A:  The staff always appreciates a tip.


6.  Q:  Do your rooms have private en suite bathrooms?
      A:  Yes, all rooms have a private bath in the room.


7.   Q:  Do you have a shuttle service?
      A:  Sorry we do not.  


8.   Q:  Do you allow pets?
      A:  We love animals and Thor is allowed in the lobby and common areas, but we cannot allow animals in the guest rooms out of respect for others that have allergies, and because of pet hair, exterminating costs, etc.


9.   Q:  Are early or late check-ins allowed?
      A:  Yes, Early check-ins ae subject to a $25 per hour fee. We do our best to make arrangements for early and late check-ins, please inquire.


10.  Q:  Do you serve a full breakfast?
       A:  We set out a Buffet breakfast Monday thru Friday 630-930 am, breakfast available on Saturday and Sunday mornings 630-10 am.


11.  Q:  Do I have to eat breakfast at the same table as everyone else?  
A:  No, we have five tables in the dining area and you choose where you would like to sit.


12.  Q:  Can I invite others to breakfast?
       A:  Yes, for a fee with prior arrangements.


13.  Q:  Do the Innkeepers live in the Cottage House Prairie Victorian?
       A:  Yes, the Innkeepers sleep across the driveway, but live in the Inn.


14.  Q:  Do the rooms have irons, phones,  hair dryer and bath amenities?
       A:  Irons are available at the front desk. Our rooms do not have phones. Hair dryers are in most rooms. If not, you may request one at the front desk. Shampoo, lotion and soaps are in your room.


15.  Q:  Do you have parking on site?
       A:  Yes.


16.  Q:  Can I come and go as I please?
       A:  Yes.You will have a key to your room, and the building is open 24/7.


17.  Q:  Do you have Wireless DSL or high speed internet?
       A:  Yes.  Your computer must have a wireless card.  


18.  Q:  Are you handicap accessible?
       A:  We do have a ramp to get into our building, but our rooms are not really set up for handicap.  Sorry.


19. How far are you away from Downtown Council Grove?

       A:  Downtown - almost one block.


20.  Q:  Is this a good place for someone to stay that expects 24/7 concierge service?
       A:  Probably not, we are happy to assist and visit with guests, but we are not available 24/7.  We always request that the guests call us if they need anything and we are happy to oblige.


21.  Q:  Do you have a restaurant on-site?
       A:  We serve PrixFixe meals with a 24 hour notice. Check out our menu.


22.  Q:  Do you have a list of restaurants?
       A: Ask the front desk about the restaurants in Council Grove.


23.  Q:  Do you have a swimming pool?
       A:  Sorry, no we do not.  Sure wish we did for our hot summers.


24.  Q:  Are the Innkeepers available 24/7?
       A:  Yes, but we do leave the main building around 10-1130pm to return around 6 am.  We are always available for guests and We are always accessible by phone, but not always at the front desk. 


25.  Q:  Is this a good place for the business traveler?
       A:  Absolutely, we host numerous business travelers every week, and they love it. 


26.  Q:  Is cable TV service offered in rooms?
       A:  Yes


27.  Q:  Do you have coffee makers in the rooms?
       A:  Yes and each room has one packet of regular and decaf coffee. Coffee is also available in the Breakfast serving/ hospitality room.


28.  Q:  Do you have meeting/event space?
       A:  Yes, it will accommodate up to 14 people. Fees apply.


29.  Q:  Is The Cottage House non-smoking?
       A:  Yes, smoking is only allowed outsideif no other guests are present.


20.  Q:  Is there a 2-night minimum on the weekends?
       A:   Not always.  Even if the online availability shows a 2-night minimum, please call in case we have a one night opening in a room.


31.  Q:  Do you have a fitness room onsite?
       A:  No. The Council Grove Life Center is less than a mile away and offers a reduced fee for Cottage House Guests.


32.  Q:  Do you have a computer for guest use?
       A:  No, we do not.


33.  Q:  Do you have event facilities?
       A:  We can accommodate outdoor events in our north lot. 




34.  Q:  Is The Cottage House centrally located?
       A:  We are located in central Council Grove and within walking distance of 22 of the 24 Historic Sites. Otherwise we are  typically 37 miles to all the major attractions.


35.  Q:  How far are you to the airports?
       A:  Approximately 45 miles from Manhattan and two hours from both Wichita and Kansas City airports.


36.  Q:  What is the typical cab fare from the airport?


37.  Q:  Why should I stay at The Cottage House versus a big hotel?
       A:  Our B&B is more comfortable, more personal & friendlier, with free parking, free breakfast,and free wi-fi.  Also, as a small family owned business, we appreciate our guests and our goal is to have them return time and time again..  We have a high percentage rate of return guests.  We are grateful for all the guests who choose to stay here, it is what keeps us in business.  We are constantly updating the Inn to keep it fresh and appealing for new and return guests.


38.  Q:  Is a Bed & Breakfast Inn for everyone?
       A:  Most everyone, but not all.  Some people have the impression that all BnB's are in someone's home,  and that the bath is not in the room.  At The Cottage House all of our rooms have private ensuite baths, all doors are self locking, have 32" class LCD Flat Screen TV's, wireless, and offer complete privacy for our guests.  The owners do live on site and are available 24/7.  If you are not sure a BnB is for you or your guests, call us and we will gladly give you a quick tour.



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